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Friday, June 3, 2011

Late to the party? You can now import coaches and tryouts to get listed quickly

We recently added an import feature to TryoutCentral so that you can import both your coaches as well as your teams.  We’ve tested this out with a few of the larger clubs and have found that it works very well.

You’ll just need to get your data into CSV format for both your coaches as well as your tryouts.  The coach data format is simply a CSV file containing the first and last name, email, and phone for each coach.

Team data is more complicated in that the coach names must obviously match the coaches that were previously entered.  Likewise for your venue—it must match a location within our venue database.  If the location doesn’t exist then you’ll need to create the location first before you will be able to import.

Our imports have a validation step which we always recommend that you run the validation before you do the import.

--Gerry High,

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Try the mobile version of


We recently created a mobile version of  Just browse to it from your mobile browser and you’ll get the mobile version.  See below the home page:

And a tryout detail page:

We’ve tested the site on iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone 7 mobile phones.  If you try it out from another mobile phone and have issues please let us know by using our contact form and let us know what you’re seeing.


-Gerry High,

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Why TryoutCentral?

The simplicity and value of TryoutCentral can be explained by what happened this weekend when I was at a soccer game.  I was talking to a mom wanting to know about tryouts and various teams.  I told her about a particular team/club and said “They are listed on TryoutCentral.  Just go to and you can filter by age group/gender or club”.  I asked her to repeat the website name and she did.

It was that simple.  I didn’t have to tell her to go to this club website or that one and worry about her remembering it or having to write down something or send her an email after the game.  Just simply “Can you remember”  She said yes.  I told her coach bios, contact information, club bios, etc. are all out there.

For the Kansas City premier club level soccer tryouts there are close to 40 clubs with over 400 tryout listings at this point and there is still some time to go to tryouts.  Can you afford to not be listed on the Kansas City soccer tryouts page?  Probably not.

--Gerry High,

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Age Group Table for Sports Such as Soccer and Basketball

See the table below to help you figure out what age group your child should be for the 2011-2012 year.  The table is based upon August 1 to July 31 as being the boundaries for a given year.



Birthdate Age Group
8/1/2003 – 7/31/2004 U8
8/1/2002 – 7/31/2003 U9
8/1/2001 – 7/31/2002 U10
8/1/2000 – 7/31/2001 U11
8/1/1999 – 7/31/2000 U12
8/1/1998 – 7/31/1999 U13
8/1/1997 – 7/31/1998 U14
8/1/1996 – 7/31/1997 U15
8/1/1995 – 7/31/1996 U16
8/1/1994 – 7/31/1995 U17
8/1/1993 – 7/31/1994 U18
8/1/1992 – 7/31/1993 U19

Monday, May 23, 2011

Some Features we’ve Added to since May 1st

Since we launched the site the first of May 2011 we’ve been hard at work adding features to make the site as useful as possible to tryout seekers.  If you were an earlier visitor you may have missed some features we’ve added.

Team Contacts

A team may now have two contacts with roles of either head coach, assistant coach, or team manager.  Contacts may also include a photo as well as a bio.  See the photo below for an example:

Venue Maps with Driving Directions and Google Street View

From the Event listing page each tryout has up to 3 tryout dates at a given venue.  When you click on a venue name you will be directed to the Venue map page.

The venue map shown to the left shows driving directions after you enter and address and click on “Get Directions”.  Note that you can click on the route and drag it to change your directions.

The map also includes Google Street View—just drag the “yellow man icon” onto the map and you’ll see streets highlighted in blue meaning that Google Street View is available.

Club Information and Graphic

From the Event listing page each tryout listing has a club associated with it.  Clicking on the club name will bring up a popup with information about the club (contact information, graphic, and bio).


Tryout Filtering and Unique URLs for your Club

From the Event listing page you may also filter by age group, gender, and club.  If you are a club and want to refer back to your club listings just filter by your club name from the club dropdown.  Then select the URL in the address bar of your browser and put that hyperlink on your website.


We’d love to hear from you.  Use our contact form located here:

Let us know what you like about the site or what things we could add.

--Gerry High,

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Welcome to recently launched in April 2011.  Our website offers one stop shopping for those wanting to list tryouts as well as those looking for tryouts.

As we expect to website to evolve we intend to use this blog to announce new features as they are added.  We’ll also use this blog to announce new events as we open them up or as teams start to sign up in a new region.

Thanks for reading and add us to your RSS feed.

--Gerry High,



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