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May 2011 Blog Posts

Why TryoutCentral?

The simplicity and value of TryoutCentral can be explained by what happened this weekend when I was at a soccer game.  I was talking to a mom wanting to know about tryouts and various teams.  I told her about a particular team/club and said “They are listed on TryoutCentral.  Just go to and you can filter by age group/gender or club”.  I asked her to repeat the website name and she did. It was that simple.  I didn’t have to tell her to go to this club website or that one and worry about her remembering it or...

Age Group Table for Sports Such as Soccer and Basketball

See the table below to help you figure out what age group your child should be for the 2011-2012 year.  The table is based upon August 1 to July 31 as being the boundaries for a given year.     Birthdate Age Group 8/1/2003 – 7/31/2004...

Some Features we’ve Added to since May 1st

Since we launched the site the first of May 2011 we’ve been hard at work adding features to make the site as useful as possible to tryout seekers.  If you were an earlier visitor you may have missed some features we’ve added. Team Contacts A team may now have two contacts with roles of either head coach, assistant coach, or team manager.  Contacts may also include a photo as well as a bio.  See the photo below for an example: Venue Maps with Driving Directions and Google Street View From the Event listing page...

Welcome to recently launched in April 2011.  Our website offers one stop shopping for those wanting to list tryouts as well as those looking for tryouts. As we expect to website to evolve we intend to use this blog to announce new features as they are added.  We’ll also use this blog to announce new events as we open them up or as teams start to sign up in a new region. Thanks for reading and add us to your RSS feed. --Gerry High,



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