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Monday, May 23, 2011

Some Features we’ve Added to since May 1st

Since we launched the site the first of May 2011 we’ve been hard at work adding features to make the site as useful as possible to tryout seekers.  If you were an earlier visitor you may have missed some features we’ve added.

Team Contacts

A team may now have two contacts with roles of either head coach, assistant coach, or team manager.  Contacts may also include a photo as well as a bio.  See the photo below for an example:

Venue Maps with Driving Directions and Google Street View

From the Event listing page each tryout has up to 3 tryout dates at a given venue.  When you click on a venue name you will be directed to the Venue map page.

The venue map shown to the left shows driving directions after you enter and address and click on “Get Directions”.  Note that you can click on the route and drag it to change your directions.

The map also includes Google Street View—just drag the “yellow man icon” onto the map and you’ll see streets highlighted in blue meaning that Google Street View is available.

Club Information and Graphic

From the Event listing page each tryout listing has a club associated with it.  Clicking on the club name will bring up a popup with information about the club (contact information, graphic, and bio).


Tryout Filtering and Unique URLs for your Club

From the Event listing page you may also filter by age group, gender, and club.  If you are a club and want to refer back to your club listings just filter by your club name from the club dropdown.  Then select the URL in the address bar of your browser and put that hyperlink on your website.


We’d love to hear from you.  Use our contact form located here:

Let us know what you like about the site or what things we could add.

--Gerry High,



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