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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Why TryoutCentral?

The simplicity and value of TryoutCentral can be explained by what happened this weekend when I was at a soccer game.  I was talking to a mom wanting to know about tryouts and various teams.  I told her about a particular team/club and said “They are listed on TryoutCentral.  Just go to and you can filter by age group/gender or club”.  I asked her to repeat the website name and she did.

It was that simple.  I didn’t have to tell her to go to this club website or that one and worry about her remembering it or having to write down something or send her an email after the game.  Just simply “Can you remember”  She said yes.  I told her coach bios, contact information, club bios, etc. are all out there.

For the Kansas City premier club level soccer tryouts there are close to 40 clubs with over 400 tryout listings at this point and there is still some time to go to tryouts.  Can you afford to not be listed on the Kansas City soccer tryouts page?  Probably not.

--Gerry High,



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