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Friday, June 3, 2011

Late to the party? You can now import coaches and tryouts to get listed quickly

We recently added an import feature to TryoutCentral so that you can import both your coaches as well as your teams.  We’ve tested this out with a few of the larger clubs and have found that it works very well.

You’ll just need to get your data into CSV format for both your coaches as well as your tryouts.  The coach data format is simply a CSV file containing the first and last name, email, and phone for each coach.

Team data is more complicated in that the coach names must obviously match the coaches that were previously entered.  Likewise for your venue—it must match a location within our venue database.  If the location doesn’t exist then you’ll need to create the location first before you will be able to import.

Our imports have a validation step which we always recommend that you run the validation before you do the import.

--Gerry High,



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